Essential ELT Blogs you should read (in alphabetical order)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Whoopee! Blogger's fixed it!

A lot of us have been bemoaning Blogger's screwing up of the renaming function in blog list - it all started when they - and need I say, I hate it - started changing urls automatically to include the country code. This means the .com changes to .es or wherever you might be. Along with this originated the other problem of the vanishing act of quick edit pen! Anyway, that's another story. I found a way around that.

Due to this problem of renaming, I've been putting off adding some blogs missing from this list, so when I found out today that the problem's been fixed, I immediately added the following:

Graham Stanley's

Kieran Donaghy's

George Chilton's

Ben Trawick-Smith's


Adrian Underhill and Jim Scrivener's

1 comment:

  1. Great list! Thanks for putting it together.
    Would appreciate mine being included... slightly different from many, but still for those in ELT.
    Many thanks,

    Sandie Mourão